The book.

Not released yet.

Since I recently almost died in a crash in late 2023, without being aware of it, I realised that if I hadn't woken up from the coma, my images would have disappeared for ever at some point, since they only exist on this website and on my Instagram page. And I am not a huge fan of this idea.

The idea of creating a book one day has always been there, in the back of my head. I have been saving all my cycling-related images in high definition since 10 years, since I started photography, just in case I would like to make a book one day.

I actually  started to think about it and design this book in early 2023, before my accident, but I left it aside because I was lacking time, inspiration and motivation. So after the crash, I started everything again from scratch, because I thought that it would be nice to make one, before it is too late.

So here are my most of my cycling-related images, in a physical form, from 2014 to 2024.

Here are a few pages from it (it has 230 more).

By the way, I am not doing it for money or anything else, it is only to “save” my images onto something physical that will take some time to disappear.