Cinelli MASH Parallax

One of my own bikes, by far the one I ride the most often.

Latest bike check:


2015 Cinelli x MASH Parallax - 10 years anniversary limited edition n°88/100.
Columbus Airplane aluminium tubing.

Light Bicycle AR55 Falcon Pro carbon rims.
Mack superlight low flange hubs 20/24 with custom logos.
Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes.

Rotor 3D track crankset.
Rotor 51t chainrings.
Izumi Super Toughness chain.
16t Ridea cog.
Shimano SPD pedals.

Thomson Masterpiece seat post, seat clamp, X2 stem, Trail C carbon risers or Thomson carbon road handlebars.
San Marco x MASH limited edition Concor saddle.
Columbus headset with MASH top cap and MASH camera headset spacers.
Mucky Nutz bottle caps bar ends and oil slick bolts everywhere.

“All designs of MASH Ten Year Anniversary products are based on ‘X’, the Roman numeral for Ten: ‘X’ is comprised of the intersection of two lines or, can be seen as two angles in tangency. This rationale serves as the basis of the vanishing point(s) in linear perspective —the means for representing three-dimensional objects and space on a two-dimensional surface.

The design elements and visual language of all #MASHtenyear products–from premiere flyer to the frameset you see here–are derived from plotting equidistant points along the periphery of the MASH logotype, and then tracing these points back to a vanishing point.

Scaling the ‘wireframe’ derived from this exercise, and varying the distance of the vanishing point and placement of the logotype above and below the horizon line yields myriad permutations of this visual language.”

- Garrett Chow, designer.

2023 update:
Cracked frame…
This bike has seen lots of roads and pavement through the years.
Unfortunately, it was too much stress for the aluminium tubes that slowly cracked above the bottom bracket.
It got re-welded by Baptiste Pelletan, a local frame builder, and is now back on the streets.

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